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Mindless Mice Productions has been around since 2005. It’s amazing how time flies!

Mara-Dor Coman is in charge around here. A Vancouver-based artist that peruses illustration, comics, and animation as a career and pass time. Besides work Mara is heavily involved with Cloudscape Comics Society, a non-profit local comic collective, often organizing and running community events and workshops. In her spare time, Christine Eberle and she run a small online jewelry operation called Paper Plums. More drawing, making comics, reading, video games and sewing up costumes take up the rest of the spare time as little as there is.

Talking Mouse2013 has been absolutely insane and it’s only half done. Moved to into Vancouver from the suburbs near the end of last year and worked on the Bobs and Lolo mini TV Series doing the animated segments in some of their music videos. It was lots of fun and great entertainment for the little ones. Been regularly doing clean up and lettering for Manga for about a year and half now and I love it. Cloudscape has become supper busy now that they have been accepted into the Parks Board Residency Program and have actual studio space. We’ve had a chance to do a lot more community outreach than ever before and to really give our members a place they can come to for drawing and networking with other comic artists. Chris and I have also been planning and putting together Artist Alley at a yearly convention called Cos&Effect. With so much going on my personal drawing time has been reduced to sad new lows but I’m still developing my Dimensional Well story, it’s going to be big and I want the story and characters to be solid before I start the first pages. Also decided mid last year that Chris and I are going to collaborate on a three chapter story and I think that may be pushed up to come before I start my work on Dimensional Well as we both really want a table at next year’s VanCAF.